Friday, April 16, 2010

This is the second book of mushrooms that I have made over the past two is a 120 page softcover book containing 121 new mushroom captures (some have not even been seen yet!), it's a 7"X7" paperback with full page photographs. I am so grateful for all of my incredible contacts and the support that I have received through my mushroom photographs I am selling the book at practically cost! I think that there a lot of people out there that would not mind having it, but could not afford the amount of the first mushroom book, so I am selling this one for practically just the cost of publishing it! You can get one for yourself AND a friend at this price! (:

I hope you enjoy's called "for the love of fungi" and it truly is such a blessing that I am able to live in an area so full of this amazing subject matter!! This book is shipping EVERYWHERE too! You can get it right here...


  1. Fantastic - Machel! Flickr makes it really easy to add your pictures to blogger and I think it is fine to put a link to your blog under each picture - I usually just put a link in the first comment box - "blogged" or something like that. Good luck with your new blog and the new book - Mattie

  2. hi machel
    email me...

    we need to chat. :)

    xxo, kim ♥

  3. I'm looking forward to follow you here! :)

  4. I love the title of this book... heh heh. The picture is perfect for the cover too!

  5. Wonderful to see you here in the blogging world! One more thing to keep us busy right?
    Best of luck with the book!

  6. Love it Machel!
    I agree with Pokety's cool to put 'blogged' under your images at Flickr (but only Etsy related stuff on your profile page)

    Great work! Can't wait to see what transpires here :)